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Warrior [MM-RG-2i]
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Warrior Warrior

Tired of pulling out the first aid kit when you finish up some repairs around the house? Our Warrior work glove is designed to create a layer of protection between your hands and your work. Built out of durable, comfortable 0.8mm synthetic leather on the palms, you get abrasion resistance that stands up to scrapes and scratches. Microfibers cover the synthetic material to give an enhanced grip for when you need to use tools or are working in damp or oily areas. Perforated fourchettes help the Warrior move with your hand, all while encouraging airflow for breathable and light construction.

Stretchable four-way fabric covers the back of your hands, so you get a glove that flexes naturally and fits snug on your skin. The fully customized elastic cuff keeps the Warrior in place, so it can do battle along with you as you fight weeds and cut the grass down to size.

A good work glove kicks in to keep your hands safe while you labor, all without sacrificing mobility. The Warrior combines light impact resistance with good tactile sensation and exceptional dexterity so that you can work full out.

handy for

  • Mechanics
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Logistics/Transportation
  • Tyre/Engine/Garage Works
  • DIY Repairs
  • Painting/Cleaning
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