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Urban Touch [PMM-TM-2i]
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Urban Touch
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Technology is all around us, even in an industrial setting. Whether you work in construction, a garage, a warehouse or any other labor-intensive field, you need to be able to wake up touchscreens, safely. The Urban Touch works with capacitive touchscreens, so you don't have to take off your gloves before adjusting inventory or confirming product placement. Conductive microfibers at the fingertips make these gloves touchscreen friendly for work.

Perfect for jobs that blend up technology and labor, the Urban Touch slip-on type glove is ideal for anyone that needs protection against scrapes and scratches, the effects of vibration, and uses technology. The synthetic leather palm is naturally cut resistant up to CE Level 3, while foam-cushioned four-way stretch fabric at the back of the glove allows unrestricted movement, helps give a snug fit and holds out against light impacts. The microfiber finish on the front of the glove builds up your grip, while the shirred elastic wrist cuff helps these gloves slip on easily and stay in place.

Whether you need to text the boss while at a job site, answer a question while on the assembly line or just want a great glove for gardening, the Urban Touch is ready.

handy for

  • Crew Members
  • Power Machine Operators
  • Smart Device Technicians
  • Industrial Control Engineers
  • Control Room Operations
  • Embedded Hardware Engineers
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