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Edge [PMM-CR-2i]
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Edge Edge

Working with sharp materials always puts your hands at risk for cuts, nicks and other injuries. Edge gloves help look after your exposed extremities; thanks to technology from the Cut @ 6 series. The durable and flexible synthetic leather used to safeguard your palms is naturally resistant to cuts, particularly when combined with the included laminated internal layer of high-performance fabric. This internal fabric is manufactured using composite yarns that weave a solid guard against cuts, slashes and other possible injuries from sharp materials and tools.

The Edge palm displays an imprinted MECH MATES logo that gives you a better grip, so you won't drop tools or cartons. Combined with a stretchable/adjustable neoprene cuff featuring a hook and loop closure, this glove supports the wrist and help reduce hand fatigue. The back of the Edge is constructed using breathable and malleable four-way stretch material, laminated with a thin foam layer which gives you excellent mobility right to your fingertips. The beautifully embossed pattern on the knuckles together the piping makes a cut-resistant glove easy to single out. Be sure to put on these durable work gloves to get a secure grip and the support you need for a busy full day at work.

handy for

  • Glass Industry workers
  • Sharp metal handlers
  • Unpacking stuff
  • Steel fabrication worker
  • Cutting and polishing
  • Equipment Handling
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