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Mecho [PMM-WMM-1i]
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Industrial work includes a mixed gender workforce, so work gloves should offer protection for ladies, too. The Mecho slip-on simple work glove is designed for women who work in places where they desperately need hand protection but don't want to give up on style. From casual labor to professional mechanics, the Mecho does it all, with a distinctly feminine silhouette.

The palm offers top of the line protection using abrasion-resistant synthetic leather. It's extra-long, so it comes up over the wrist, but uses soft and supple materials that won't get in the way of your movements.

Foam-cushioned four-way stretch fabric forms up the base of the glove back, letting you move freely. The neoprene knuckle bar looks intriguingly delicate but offers great fit so the glove moves along with every hand motion.

The floral and feminine mechanics logo on the back of the glove leaves no doubt about who these gloves are for. Quickly put on the Mecho before opening up your toolbox, and you will keep your hands safe and your grip strong. The microfiber finish to the synthetic leather lets you pick up small parts and easily grip tools.

handy for

  • Rigging
  • Women Mechanics
  • Home Improvement
  • Cargo Handling
  • Gardening/Cleaning
  • Light Industrial Tasks
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