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Pent Armor [PMM-WMM-3i]
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Pent Armor
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Pent Armor Pent Armor Pent Armor

Even the most delicate hands need rugged protection when working with heavy machinery. Our Pent Armor gloves are specially designed for women mechanics and tirelessly keep your hands looking great and stand up against the most common workplace hazards. Competently avoid scrapes, scratches and abrasions with the 0.8mm durable synthetic leather palm guard. The areas most likely to take a beating show off reinforced patches to double up on safety. Handily avoid slip and drop-related injuries with a strong grip. The Pent Armor builds in slip-resistant silicone printing in a unique pattern to gently reinforce your grip and give you a better hold on even the smallest screws or washers in the most slippery working conditions.

Stay thoroughly safe from impacts and bumps with the foam-cushioned four-way stretch fabric that covers up the back of your hand when wearing the Pent Armor. You'll also get in on a fashion upgrade with a delicate silicone printed pattern in a violet contrast color. The wrap around TPR strap provides impact protection for your wrist, so you can reach into hard to see engine areas, worry-free. The WO-MECH MATES imprinted logo is easy to see at a distance in a vibrant teal color. Show off your protective work gear with a fun, funky and functional pair of Pent Armor work gloves.

handy for

  • Assembly Line Worker
  • Woman Mechanics
  • Repair and Maintenance
  • Material Handling
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Gargage Works
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