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Cool Mate [PMM-WM-4i]
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Cool Mate
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When you get cold, layering up is a great way to lock in heat. The Cool Mate winter work glove takes that concept to the next level with a multi-layer fabric that has a variety of functions. Each layer works independently to create a glove that is waterproof, windproof and warm and comfortable. The palm is made with durable synthetic leather that guards against some of the most common hand injuries, scratches, scrapes and abrasions. Inside is a waterproof membrane that keeps the snow, ice and slush away from your hands. It's breathable and locks away moisture, so your hands stay dry and balmy in any weather.

Foam-cushioned wind blocker fleece lines the inside of the glove to lay down a cozy and comfortable feeling on your skin. The synthetic leather fourchettes keep up with every bend, grab or twist, maximizing your mobility. 

Thinsulate™ thermal layer laminated with fleece keeps your fingers pliant and flexible. Sleek TPR reinforcements defend against light impacts, making the Cool Mate a truly versatile addition to your work safety gear. The Cool Mate won't compromise on fit, comfort, maneuverability or warmth, no matter how low the temperatures go.

handy for

  • Cold Weather Construction
  • Outdoor Mechanical Works
  • Airport Ground Crew
  • Cold Storage Workers
  • Cargo Handlers
  • Winter Outdoor Workers
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