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Polar Mate [PMM-WM-1i]
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Polar Mate
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Polar Mate Polar Mate Polar Mate

When the temperatures drop without warning, your hands can stiffen up quickly. The Polar Mate, brings out durable and insulated protection to help your hands resist the cold. Layered materials defend ardently against low temperatures.

Putting on a pair of Polar Mate winter work gloves gives you an instant performance boost by getting your hands up to normal temperature. Hi-Viz orange laminated four-way stretchable fabric sits on top of a layer of 100-gram Thinsulate™ INSULATION. This dual layer produces great visibility to prevent accidents and offers up serious temperature control. To top it off, you also get a glove with lots of comfort from a snuggly fleece lining that sits perfectly on your skin. The fleece wicks moisture and helps your hands stay warm.

With hands warm in gloves, you can pick up almost anything, as long as you have the extra gripping power. On the Polar Mate palms, durable grippy patches stick to surfaces, backing up your grip in even the worst icy and oily conditions. When you have been dealing with cartons and tools that can leave nicks and scratches, the 0.8mm synthetic leather palm is a welcome layer of protection. Keep your hands nimble in the coldest weather with the Polar Mate winter work glove.

handy for

  • Cold Weather Construction
  • Outdoor Mechanical Works
  • Airport Ground Crew
  • Cold Storage Workers
  • Cargo Handlers
  • Winter Outdoor Workers
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