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Fender [PMM-FR-3i]
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When you need a glove that can move from the workshop floor to the furnace works, you want the Fender. Keep your fingers agile and adept while you work with this glove that bends, flexes and moves with your fingers. Fire-retardant stretch-knitted fabric covers the cowhide base construction to keep the back of your hands flame-free. Made using meta-aramid fibers, this fabric is both stretchy and able to stop a fire in its tracks. Impact protection pads cover the knuckles and backs of your fingers, so you don't have to worry about a misplaced hammer or dropped tools.

The Fender's palm uses a flame-retardant cowhide and reinforced areas that enhance your grip while protecting the parts most likely to be exposed to open flames. Non-melting stitches keep everything together, even handling sudden flames or a molten metal splash strike. The meta-aramid fibers used to defend the back of your hands extend down to the wrist cuff, giving you a snug and comfortable fit that also protects against flying sparks.

Whether you're welding together parts of a ship or pouring molten metal into molds, you want the Fender's protection between your skin and the job materials.

handy for

  • Arc Welding 
  • Steel & Iron Work
  • Metal Casting
  • Small Furnace Splashes
  • Refinery Operations
  • Oil & Gas Industry Worker
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