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Vigor [PMM-FR-1i]
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When things flare up at work, you want your hands to stay secure. Vigor work gloves keep your skin safe from the blaze, even when working with an arc welder or open flames. Some materials melt when exposed to fires, but the meta-aramid fibers used in the construction of the Vigor offer protection against flames, sparks and splashes. This extremely fire-retardant and elastic fabric extends all the way up the forearms to give you a solid barrier against flying sparks.

While the back of the Vigor helps keep your hands safe from fire and sparks, the palm is flexible and abrasion resistant and dexterous. Made from drum-dyed genuine cowhide, this work glove combines durability, flexibility and breathability. Every detail is meant to provide additional protection against the flames coming off of a furnace or a boil over of molten glass or metal while welding. That's why every stitch uses a non-melting thread to keep these gloves in one piece, no matter where you need to stick your hands. The Vigor extends further up past the wrist and shirred elastic keeps it snug so these fire preventives stay in place as you work.

All of these safety features combine, building up a solid shield against sparks, flames, melting or dripping while wearing your Vigor work gloves.

handy for

  • Arc Welding
  • Refinery Operations
  • Steel & Iron Cutting
  • Iron Casting
  • Small Furnaces Splashes
  • Ship Building Industry
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