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Savoir [PMM-FR-4i]
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Say goodbye to blisters, rashes and burns from flames, molten metal or sparks when you put on a pair of Savoir flame-retardant gloves. Flawlessly blending safety, beauty and fit, these gloves incorporate industry-leading protection using flexible meta-aramid fiber FR fabric across the entire back of the glove. With this layer of knit textile, your gloves won't ignite, burn or calcify, even with direct exposure to flames.

When working in a metal shop, machining parts, welding or any other application, fire is only one danger. You still need to safeguard against abrasions, bumps and other impacts. With the Savoir, you get rubber-padded knuckles and index fingers, so your hands stay padded and protected. Anatomical placement lets you move like normal, even when armored up for the furnace or welding work.

The palm uses a durable cowhide that preserves dexterity and your sense of touch, so you can still feel what you're doing while extracting material from a mine, pumping oil or refining metals.

High wear areas have tailor-made reinforcement patches and double stitching that extends the lifespan of the Savoir and gives you a better grip on your tools. The low profile cuts off at just above the wrist, so you can bend and flex without any stiffness from an extended cuff. Grab your gloves and get to work without worrying about furnaces flashes, molten metal or other flames.

handy for

  • Ship Building Industry
  • Arc Welding
  • Metal Casting
  • Refinery Works
  • Oil & Gas Industry Workers
  • Metal Grinding Workshops
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