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Lumen [PMM-HV-3i]
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Lumen Lumen

If you need mining gloves or gloves to use while working in low light, you want hi-viz and high-performance safety gear. Lumen work gloves mash up vibrant and highly visible neon colors with top safety features to create work gear that is ideal for airport operations, highway use, rigging, or any other job site with variable lighting. These hi-viz porous gloves move seamlessly with your hands, giving you maximum flexibility without compromising on dexterity.

The Lumen palm uses synthetic leather to create an effective protective barrier between your hands and tools. High-pressure points are strategically reinforced to prevent damage to the glove or the skin underneath.

The back of the Lumen incorporates several different shielding techniques to create a glove that is ideal for all lighting situations from dim and shadowed to full daylight. Foam padding at knuckles and index finger absorbs shocks and impacts so you can shake off a bump or two. The hi-viz color and reflective back make it easy to see, and keep you clearly visible to other workers, even after dark or at a job site with no electricity. The side opening on the cuff lets you put gloves on quickly to prepare for operating heavy machinery, while the anatomically designed palm gives you better grip strength. When you need a great work glove for the night shift or any other work in conditions with poor visibility, armor up with a pair of Lumen glove.

handy for

  • Mining
  • Outdoor Repairs
  • High Construction
  • Night Shift Work
  • Assembly Line
  • Equipment Handling
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