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Thunder [PMM-HV-5i]
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Thunder Thunder Thunder

Hand injuries happen a lot more often than lightning strikes, but the Thunder work glove is ready for anything. When working at night or in poorly lit areas like a mining complex, you need the complete protection offered by this premium glove. It's also a top choice for professionals working at airports, in road construction or in any other low-light areas. Total protection starts with anatomically designed TPR shielding across the back of the hand, knuckles and through to the fingertips. Its hi-viz, bright orange color makes your whole hands visible, even at night.

The front of the Thunder has just as many security features as the back. The synthetic leather used on the palm is flexible and offers solid resistance to abrasions. Under the palm reinforcements is a layer of soft foam padding to cushion against and reduce the effect of vibrations. Go for a jackhammer, rivet gun or other impact tool and handle with confidence.

Professionally designed with night shift industrial workers in mind, the Thunder combines style and functionality. The lightning print on the back looks great and uses eye-catching reflective lettering ideal in murky rooms or dark, underground uses. This work glove creates a dependable shield between your hands and the hazards of the job, all without compromising on visibility and movement.

handy for

  • Refinery Operations
  • Rail/Road Works
  • Night Shift Works
  • Oil & Gas Industry Operations
  • Tool Operations
  • Airport Works
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