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Neon Glow [PMM-HV-2i]
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Neon Glow
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Neon Glow Neon Glow Neon Glow

Upgrade your hand protection with the Neon Glow, the latest in our pro-grade high visibility gloves. This hand safety gear is designed to protect your extremities from common workplace injuries and advertise your presence to anyone else working at a job site. The durable synthetic leather palm features a perfectly shaped press-printed embossed grip enhancement, so you can manipulate tools in the worst weather, without worrying about oncoming cars or a dropped load. Double-stitched pressure points have added durability with synthetic leather reinforcement exactly where it's needed. Rubber foam padding lays under the base fabric building in light shock absorption.

The Neon Glow gives out an exceptional fit that you can adjust using the TPR hook and loop system at the wrist. What really kicks up the safety level and turns the Neon Glow into a crucial part of your work uniform is the maneuverability. These foam-cushioned, four-way stretchable gloves let your hands move freely in any direction. 

The Neon Glow stands out with a bright, fluorescent orange color that you, and more importantly, your co-workers, can see from across the room. Reflective printing and piping even light up your fingertips, so you can work up to full capacity without constantly keeping an eye peeled for possible pileups.

handy for

  • Recycling
  • Cargo Handling
  • Transportation
  • Highway Construction
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Night Shift Works
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