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Hi-Valour [PMM-AV-6i]
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When operating pneumatic tools, rivet guns, jackhammers, chainsaws or other heavy machinery which generates vibration, you need an anti-vibration glove that helps you put up with non-stop impact. The Hi-Valor glove offers incredible protection using a new to market design that incorporates gel padding across the entire palm. This gives the maximum protection against vibration without giving away dexterity and without interfering with your grip, all thanks to the heavy gel padded palm. Where other gloves put the padding on top, the Hi-Valor gives you protection where you need it: at skin level.

The back of the Hi-Valor offers additional armor with a dense and flexible TPR impact protection system. Careful placement keeps the glove soft and supple while offering enough support to reduce hand fatigue.

Say goodbye to Impact injuries with added guards that let you shake off impacts while at work. Each Hi-Valor finger has full TPR shielding that runs from the base to the tip. Hi-Viz, four-way stretch fabric makes these gloves easy to move in and see, even when working at a site with limited visibility.

High use areas on the palm feature reinforced construction for a durable glove that smoothly fits any hand. Put on these work gloves and take them off quickly and easily with the extended neoprene cuff and TPR puller strap. Personalize each pair of Hi-Valor gloves using the User ID space and enjoy complete and unmatched vibration and impact protection.

handy for

  • Rivet Gun
  • Pneumatic tools 
  • Grinding & Sanding Tools
  • Demolition
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Equipment Handling
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