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Vibe Dura FL [PMM-AV-4i]
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Vibe Dura FL
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Vibe Dura FL Vibe Dura FL

The Vibe-Dura Fingerless combines a variety of safety features to create a glove that adds protection in any setting, from outdoors to industrial. Keep your hands safe from injuries, especially from abrasions, impacts or vibration without compromising dexterity when you put on this professionally and anatomically designed fingerless anti-vibration work glove.

Impact protection with fingerless construction, with TPR shielding strategically placed to protect your knuckles without forfeiting flexibility and dexterity. With the Vibe-Dura Fingerless, you get shielding in the areas most likely to encounter an impact. The foam-cushioned four-way stretchable fabric that forms the foundation of the back of the glove also gives comfort and a long working life.

No matter how long the shift, you won't have to worry about hand fatigue when wearing the Vibe-Dura Fingerless. The 0.8mm synthetic leather has an inset layer of impact absorption gel, so you can grip strong even through repetitive vibration.

Fingerless construction helps you pick up and handle tiny parts and instruments. The comfortable wrist cuff combines elastic and a hook and loop closure to seal out dirt and dust while keeping the glove exactly where you want it. Put on your Vibe-Dura Fingerless the next time you grab a rivet gun, pick up a power sander or prepare to rig a site for demolition.

handy for

  • Cold Weather Construction
  • Winter Operations
  • Transportation
  • Cold Storage
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Equipment Handling
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