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Vib-Flex [PMM-AV-2i]
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Vib-Flex Vib-Flex

Nothing kills your grip faster than constant vibration, which is why the Vibe-Flex works out as a choice for operating heavy machinery and phonematic tools. Before you power up a jackhammer or head out on a demolition job, armor up with a pair of Vibe-Flex Anti-Vibration gloves. These gloves offer complete protection from wrist to fingertips, with anti-vibration gel arranged anatomically to offer maximum cushioning. Safety features include:

  • Full finger styling for total protection
  • Reinforced thumb crotch
  • Adjustable wrist strap for a comfortable and adaptable fit
  • Stretchable Hi-Viz four-way fabric for great visibility in low-light working conditions
  • Extended wrist cuff in 4mm neoprene for a soft and comfortable fit that seals out dirt and dust

Combining these safety features with durable drum dyed genuine goatskin creates a glove that is effective against even the most intense vibrations. Reinforced construction at the index finger and thumb offers a fit that flexes naturally with your hand while still dampening vibration through to your fingertips. The Vibe-Flex lives up to its name with solid defense against vibration and a fully flexible fit.

handy for

  • Jack Hammer Operation
  • Vibration Tools handling
  • Demolution 
  • Pneumatic tools
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Equipment Handling
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