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Vibe Warrior [PMM-AV-3i]
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Vibe Warrior
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Vibe Warrior Vibe Warrior

Scheduled to use a variety of tools throughout the day? You need a work glove that can handle impacts and vibration, like the Vibe Warrior. Designed with mechanics, dexterity, vibration and impact hazards in mind, the Vibe Warrior maximizes suppleness to give you full and natural hand motions. The unusual knuckle design incorporates anatomically placed TPR shielding that doesn't interfere with mobility. Silicone printing and hi-viz color light up the back of the glove and make it instantly recognizable and visible in low-light conditions. A 2mm neoprene cuff keeps the glove securely fit to avoid slipping as you tighten bolts or tackle heavy machinery.

The Vibe Warrior's durable 0.8 mm synthetic leather palm comes with 4mm gel padding to help absorb impacts and reduce the harmful effects of vibration. The dexterous fingers are constructed to allow total freedom of movement so you can work with small parts and handle delicate repairs too. At the end of the day, simply throw Vibe Warrior gloves in the wash and hang them up to dry. The next day, they'll be ready for another work shift.

Double layered protection using micro-fibers synthetic leather fingertips helps you get a grip on whatever you're breaking down. Keep your hand and wrist supported and protected with the Vibe Warrior, so you can finish your day without hand pain or fatigue.

handy for

  • Grinding and Sanding Tools
  • Vibrating Tools Operations
  • Demolition work
  • Grinding & Sanding Tools
  • Power Tool Operations
  • Pneumatic Tools
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